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Professional Coaching

Actors - Secure and gain support for roles on both Screen and Stage. Prepare for auditions and self-tapes.

Writers -  receive Dramaturgical support or script editing for your Stage Play, Short/Feature Film or Series.


Toby who has coached and recently developed work with HBO, Channel 4 and the BBC. Currently limited to professional artists.

Online Course

For actors of any range to level up in skill under Toby Clarke.


Learn and practice at your own pace to better secure roles, land auditions, and produce quality self-tapes.

Coming Soon

Drama School Audition Prep

Toby offers one to one tuition in a comfortable environment where he helps strengthen both Classical and Contemporary Texts. He offers an initial 2 hour session which can then be followed up with 1 hour sessions for recalls.

Red Chairs

Bristol Old Vic

"Thanks to Toby's help, I was able to get into my top choice Drama School, Bristol Old Vic! I couldn't have done it without his support, encouragement and extensive knowledge." - Chiara Lari, 2019



Toby's guidance was an important factor in me getting into LAMDA. He helped me develop the belief that I could penetrate acting spaces that I didn't realise I could be part of.” - Tienne Simon, 2019




"After years of auditioning for Drama School, Toby helped me gain a quiet confidence, trust in my own voice and joy I could take into every room." -

Charlotte Keith, 2022

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