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"It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for people like Toby. He has given me and many others the opportunity to play, explore and thrive as an actor by opening doors others attempt to keep shut."

Kwabena Ansah (Signed with Lou Coulson Associates), August 2018

"Thanks to Toby's help, I was able to get into my top choice Drama School, Bristol Old Vic! I couldn't have done it without his support, encouragement and extensive knowledge."

Chiara Lari, Bristol Old Vic 2019

"Toby's guidance was an important factor in me getting into LAMDA. He helped me develop the belief that I could penetrate acting spaces that I didn't realise I could be part of."

Tienne Simon, LAMDA 2019

"Toby's insight as a mentor was invaluable, his coaching and advice definitely helped me get into GSA." Will Pierson, GSA 2019


"Toby gave me the freedom to try, fail and then try again. I grew tremendously as an actor in my time working with him." Fraser Crossingham, RCSSD 2019 

"Toby's one to one time allowed me to take risks to improve not only my acting skills but finding new  approaches as an a actor."

Ayla Wheatley, RADA 2019

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